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    Model: COIDO Car Vacuum Cleaner 12V
    Features:• Available in 1 colour• 100% brand new• Car vacuum cleaner• Powered by USB..

    RM59.90 Ex Tax:RM59.90
    Model: MR.DIY Car Jumper Cables
    Cable booster cable for battery life. The cable booster length is 2.5 meters and is recommended for the use of electric current up to 200 amperes. How to use this cable booster simply by connecting the black wire to the negative terminal of the battery soak, while the end is connected to the normal ..

    RM69.90 Ex Tax:RM69.90
    Model: 12V Car Vacuum Cleaner -C1652
    This portable vacuum cleaner can effectively clean the dust or dirt, and the EVA hose, brush, hose connectors and flat mouth suction nozzles could help you to clean all dirty corners quickly. Dry and wet application can quickly absorb the spilled liquid (except corrosive, flammable and explosive liq..

    RM49.90 Ex Tax:RM49.90
    Model: BUSTER Multifunctional Hand Air Pump With Scale And Adaptors
    Looking for multi-purpose air pump for your punctured tyres of your bicycles? This professional perfomance high pressure manual air pump comes with versatility, close-like design, firm shape and ergonomic handle for easy grip. It is also easy to use with two foot steel-base paddles for better stabil..

    RM59.90 Ex Tax:RM59.90
    Model: Car Cover -M 430*160*120Cm
    -Reflective strips and Bandage fixation -Full vehicle coverage -Suitable material, flexible, durable, friction resistant,easy to clean -Strengthen waterproof sun - proof and dust - proof -Zipper design, easy to take something in the car -The bottom bandage is more fastened and the buckle is easy to ..

    RM139.90 Ex Tax:RM139.90
    Model: Car Neck Pillow -C1622
    Features: - for medium weight items - easy to install- easy to clean Specifications: - 1 piece..

    RM45.90 Ex Tax:RM45.90
    Model: CARSUN Double Headed Vehicle Fan 12V
     100% brand new- Dual heads auto fans with 2 speeds,360 degree rotation for the Two swivel fan heads to cool your the entire vehicle- It can also help the car A/C cool down quicker and more efficient, and spread a cooling air to whole car.- 12V DC fan with dual 4 inch head fan,blow hot air out ..

    RM69.90 Ex Tax:RM69.90
    Model: COIDO DC 12V Air Compressor Tyre Inflator
    12V DC air compressor tiye inflator for car / bike tyres, balls & other inflatables.Comes complete with cigarette plug power cord, air hose, connector, nozzle & multiple needle adaptors.Easy to use, with clear pressure checking gauge on the front...

    RM59.90 Ex Tax:RM59.90
    Model: FIRSD Booster Cable XH-500A
    Worry about flat battery on your car? Then get this FIRSD BOOSTER CABLE XH-500A as an emergency tool and avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere. The jumpstart booster is suitable for any vehicles ranging from cars, lorries & buses. The cable has a capacity up to 2500 cc – 500AMP. The cabl..

    RM59.90 Ex Tax:RM59.90
    Model: FIX-4 Sun Shade - Proton Waja
    eatures: • Sun shade cover for car accessories • Help to prevents car from direct sunlight • Comes in a set for front and back windows • Easy to install and easy to clean • Good quality product • Value for moneySpecifications: • 1 set in pack: 2x front and 2x back • Colour: Black • Model: Proton Waj..

    RM69.90 Ex Tax:RM69.90
    Model: Gel Cooling Lumbar Support Hgsf-4
    soothing comfort gel reduces pressures and vibration Enhanced seating comfort with heat absorbing cooling gel Personalized comfort with deluxe shape molding memory foam..

    RM69.90 Ex Tax:RM69.90
    Model: HOT OKLEAD High Class AutoLock Set (1 set)
    Feeling insecure and worry about your car being stolen when you park at the public area? You can try this OKLEAD High Class AutoLock Set. This is a three-point fixed design which is easy to lock in 5 seconds. The unique design is suitable for all types of steering. The autolock set is made of good q..

    RM79.90 Ex Tax:RM79.90
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