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    Model: CD-048
    Using Ultra-high speed vibration technology, the water becomes ultra-fine particles, which can quickly penetrate into the basal layer from the stratum corneum. Quickly replenish skin with missing moisture, which can be used for the maintenance of facial, body, hair and other parts of the body.This p..

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    Model: CECIL-SS

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    Model: BETER-SS
    AUTOMATIC EYELASH CURLER (S: C:)Rest your eyelashes between the cushioned eyelash curler clamp, apply pressure gently..

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    Model: CD-308
    The cleansing brush accelerates blood circulation, improves cell metabolism and wrinkles. It effectively removed dirt and impurities from the pores, reducing the chance of blockages and spots thus leaving a bright and improved skin texture, helps regain radiant and rejuvenated skin.•   &nb..

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    Model: ADIDAS
    CLASSIC STADIUM BACKPACKA GO-TO BACKPACK WITH CLASSIC ADIDAS STYLE.Take a break from the daily hustle to remember your connection to adidas. Around the globe, athletes like you are working and training, all connected through a love of sport. Show your pride with this branded backpack as you head off..

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    DRY SPONGIE CLEANER 1PCSSwirl the brush in one direction on the black sponge to clean. Use the white sponge to check the cleanness. Flip over the sponge to use the other side when it is at its limit. Remove sponge and clean with water and soap when needes. Lay flat to dry.Offers a dry alternative to..

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    Model: FAIRY -SS
    Take an appropriate amount of cosmetics with different makeup brushes, then gently polish the appropriate position on face...

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    1x WP-A1S Professional Lightweight Cordless Hair Clipper1x 1125 Cutting Cape (Black)1x A17-628 Shiyuki Teeth Scissor ( Leather)1x A17-60 Shiyuki Scissor (Leather) Barber's Scissors..

    RM389.90 Ex Tax:RM389.90
    Model: MERMAID
    •       Soft and thick silicone pad to keep your eyelash clean and do better for your desired eyelash shape.•       Plating sliver metal parts is shiny and durable, even after frequent use the spring is still good.•    &..

    RM59.90 Ex Tax:RM59.90
    Model: MERMAID
    PRODUCT FEATURES:The difference that good make-up brushes can make to your beauty regime is nothing short of amazing.They’re your tools when it comes to creating flawless make-up looks, and completely transform the way that a product performs on your skin.•      &n..

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    Model: OGAWA-SS
    UNIQUE BLISS EYE MASSAGER (OY 0154)Steps Step 1 : Gently apply a thin layer of eye cream on the eye area. Step 2 : Press and hold the conductive bar to enable vibration. Step 3 : Position the nano-metal-plated tip at the outside corner of your left eye. Step 4 : Make small, firm outwards circles. Re..

    RM99.90 Ex Tax:RM99.90
    Model: WP-302 MGBOO
    4IN1 Multipurpose Shaver• Hair Clipper• Detail Blade Trimmer- (T-Blade, Shaver Trimmer, Nose & Ear Trimmer)• Nose Trimmer• Electronic Shaver• Charger• Blade Oil• Cleaning Brush• 220V 50Hz 70 Watts..

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