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    Model: CHIPSMORE Double Chocolate 153gm
    Product details of Chipsmore! Double Chocolate 153gChipsmore's perfection opens up Joy, a whole new world of endless chocolate perfection makes every bite delicious, fun and natural. #MoreChipsMoreFunEnjoy everyone's favorite Chipsmore Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies for more fun and enjoyment w..

    RM4.30 Ex Tax:RM4.30
    Model: CHIPSMORE Handy Double Choc 28gm
    Product DescriptionTry your favorite Chipsmore Double Chocolate Cookies Indulge yourself with the irresistible full size cookie that has an abundance of real chocolate chips and double the chocolate in every bite. The sharing pack is the perfect pack for quick enjoyment with friends!The conveni..

    RM1.30 Ex Tax:RM1.30
    Model: CHIPSMORE Handy Original 28gm
    Product DescriptionThe perfect pack for snacking at Home or sharing with your friends. Yummy Cookies with generous amount of Choco Chips in every bite..

    RM1.30 Ex Tax:RM1.30
    Model: CHIPSMORE Original 153gm
    Chipsmore is a home-grown Malaysian brand that has come to be loved by both young and old. Since the first Chipsmore cookies were made over 20 years ago, the delicious chocolate chip cookies have become known for their generous amount of chocolate chips in every bite, have taken over and lead the ma..

    RM4.30 Ex Tax:RM4.30
    Model: CHIPSTER Original 60gm
    Product DescriptionHey potato chips lover! You won’t be able to resist one of Chipster all-time favorite, Original flavour. Just like the variant name, the flavour will flames in your mouth the moment you munch it.Perfect to uplift your mood and suitable for all snacking occasion. Try it now.&..

    RM3.30 Ex Tax:RM3.30
    Model: COCON MINI PUDDING 15G X 25'S
     READY STOCK!!! Cocon Mixed Mini Pudding with Nata De Coco is a wonderful dessert and snack that is loved by children and adults alike! You can taste real fruits in each bite, and the nata de coco adds a sweetness and chewiness that makes it even more scrumptious...

    RM4.30 Ex Tax:RM4.30
    Cocon Mango Pudding With Nata Decoco80gx6sFlavor Below-Assorted Fruit-Mango-Lychee..

    RM6.40 Ex Tax:RM6.40
    Model: COL MW PLAX ICE 100ml (Asean)
    Product DescriptionColgate Mouthwash Plax Ice ( 100ml ) For a cleaner, fresher, healthier mouth, rinse with Colgate Plax Alcohol-Free mouthwash after brushing. Benefits Intense freshness Kills bacteria Provides up to 64% healthier gums* Contains Fluoride to help prevent cavities Gives long lasting f..

    RM3.30 Ex Tax:RM3.30
    Model: COL MW PLAX ICE 250ml NA (Asean)
    Product DescriptionColgate Plax Ice prevents cavities, freshens your breath and kills bacteria lurking in your mouth – all without any annoying burning sensation. Kills bacteria , provides up to 64% healthier gums*, contains Fluoride to help prevent cavities, mint taste, provide long lasting f..

    RM13.00 Ex Tax:RM13.00
    Model: COL MW PLAX PPMNT 250ml NA (Asean)
    Features & Benefits: Clinically tested by dentists to • Kills up to 99.99% of bacteria • Contains flouride to help prevent cavities • Gives long lasting fresh breath • No burning sensation Product Details Directions: Use 2 caps full, gargle (20ml) for30 seconds and expel. Do ..

    RM11.30 Ex Tax:RM11.30
    Model: COL TP Kids Barbie 40g ENG
     Description- Clinically-proven cavity and enamel protection that strengthens and protects developing teeth- Fruity flavor that kids love- Barbie graphics in a convenient stand-up tube with flip-top and laydown tube that encourages kids to brush..

    RM4.40 Ex Tax:RM4.40
    Model: COL TP Kids Minion 40g ENG
    Brush happy with Minions! With their help; your child can smile brightly everyday. Colgate Kids Minion Toothpaste is clinically proven to provide cavity & enamel protection. It contains fluoride that is safe for kids** and comes with a bubble fruit flavour in a sparkling blue gel. ..

    RM4.40 Ex Tax:RM4.40
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